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Ygrene Commercial PACE in the 亚特兰大

The Ygrene Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy program (“C-PACE”) provides city of Atlanta property owners with an innovative financing tool to make needed structural repairs and upgrades to their properties to save energy and water. Ygrene能源基金, the nation’s leading PACE administrator manages the program and provides the project financing while Invest Atlanta has authorized the issuance of $500 million in bonds for the program.

A wide range of commercial property types qualify for financing including nonprofit, 热情好客, 零售, mixed-use and multifamily buildings. Property owners can choose 从 hundreds of eligible building improvements, ranging 从 windows and doors to roofing, to solar panel arrays and HVAC units.


  • 100% project financing 从 $5,000 to $20MM+
  • Eligibility based primarily on property equity
  • Financing approvals within as little as 3 days
  • Up to 20 year, fully amortized terms with fixed rates
  • 高达100%的CLTV
  • No prepayment penalties for partial or full prepayments
  • No payments for up to 12 or more months
  • No capital outlays, no guarantors, and no financial covenants
  • Payments though property solid waste bill



In addition to reducing operating expenses, C-PACE projects help businesses compete locally and globally while creating jobs, avoiding natural disaster loss and reducing detrimental environmental impacts.

How It Works: Ygrene CommercialYgrene能源基金 on Vimeo.



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常见问题: Commercial PACE Financing

Is Commercial PACE right for you?

Ygrene Commercial PACE financing provides a competitive alternative to both cash and credit options. You can see all the PACE eligible improvements for commercial properties 在这里.


What are the benefits of Commercial PACE?

Commercial property assessed clean energy (C-PACE), delivers a wide range of benefits. You can finance improvements that create tenant satisfaction while conserving energy, 节约用水, and potentially decreasing operating costs. 与C-PACE融资, you can also improve your property’s value, generate positive cash flows, 确保你的投资.


Is Commercial PACE available for your property?

C-PACE financing is available for a wide variety of properties including multifamily units, 零售空间, 热情好客, 混合使用建筑, 办公室, 卫生保健设施, 工业园区, 非营利组织, 特殊用途的建筑, and other types of structures.



Find out if your property is eligible by entering your information 在这里.